Team INKA-Theatre


The Trainers


Inka-Charlotte Palm – Founder, Director & Trainer

The heart of my work is my love for movement and connection in a non-conceptual framework. I love to be spontaneous and flow with what is present within the group.

My joy is to create spaces where people feel free to explore, to move, to express and to relax. Only in this way can creativity become an effortless and free flowing process.

Life happens in every space, in every encounter – with ourselves and with others.

I want you to be empowered to show yourself as you are and inspire you to make choices that serve you the best. We are all shining creatures and what better way than to explore that on a stage?



 Hila Rubinstein


Hila Rubinstein – Acting Trainer
Improvise This!

The wow among us teachers with her energy and drive to embrace you into her world of play and having fun together. Hila is so thoughtful of the structure of her every course date, she really sees you and takes into account who the group is and how to enable you all to relax and play and think fast and let go of old belief systems and enjoy it and be alive! She sparkles in all the warm colours and is so structured at the same time. Her energy is contageous. Don’t miss her next Improv courses on Thursday nights starting in April 2018 <3


Hila Meckier – Acting Trainer


ON THE MOVE – Physical Acting on Tuesdays


Hila once fell from the sky directly in one of my courses for just a glimpse from Tel Aviv only to return a year later for good. Hila is like a modest fairy who dances around with her openness to and her joy for everything.  The child she never let go of and now will be able to play with yours and lure them out of their hide outs. She will be teaching a physical improvisation course where it is all about the wonders of your own bodies and how they can be utilized to house everything in you and let it all shine. I am sure she will make you feel completely welcome as you are and opens the space for everyone to shine and try themselves out.

On The Move – Physical Acting with Hila Meckier