Acting Courses & Workshops

Our acting classes & workshops are designed for everyone to find the right amount of challenge and fun.

We are developing self awareness & physical awareness, emotional intelligence & play with social interactions, we enhance our level of tension and energy on stage (Lecoq),  dive into the tools of improvisation, and learn how to vitalize the space with our presence…

We offer different formats with and without a public performance in the end.

We like working with a steady group of people for the time of one course. This way you develop trust in each other and yourself as well as make progress in your acting skills and personal development together – so everyone is on the same page and feels free to show themselves in a safe environment.

We offer SUNDAY PLAY DAYS , Summer Academy, Weekend Workshops, weekly classes as well as formats for your business and university groups or schools.

Acting classes in English

Acting @INKA-Theatre is a way of re-connecting to your playful self and to thers in a relaxed and fully empowered way. Apart from learning acting skills, you learn how to

  • rely on your own perception
  • make decisions effortlessly and instinctively
  • become aware of your own strenghts gifts and talents
  • dare to be on stage and show yourself fully
  • because we welcome you as the perfect being you already are and add a few skills.


get a VOUCHER for any course or workshop as a present for someone.