INKA-Theatre was founded in 2008 in Berlin when there was no English Acting Courses to be had in Berlin. Since I was working at the English Theatre Berlin at the time, a lot of people came and asked about acting classes, so I decided to offer one.

The first classes were packed and I have no idea how we managed to all squeeze into this classroom that was the basement of a formal church in the street I lived in. It was a scene study course.

From then on I developed different weekly acting course formats – all with the first aim to empower our participants with acting and theatre methods – and I discovered my love for teaching and creating theatre with amateurs. Amateur comes from the latin word amare – and means doing something for the love of it – and that’s my experience, too!

The International People’s Theatre Berlin arose from our courses and was a big part of the whole concept for a while.
Several guest teachers started to teach with INKA-Theatre.

Since personal empowerment of our participants is our main focus, we now also offer Empowerment Through Theatre Workshops with different topics, usually as a weekend course, where acting and theatre methods are a means to empowering your own strengths gifts, talents, presence and expression.

You can book us also for

Teambuilding workshops for your group of any kind

Field day Trip (Wandertag) Workshops for your school and university groups


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