2016 – FROM

I went to a party once and I was asked where I was from. I hesitated… should I say my hometown? My current town? My nationality? I didn’t even own an apartment… I was so afraid to answer that I turned and walked away.

You open the door, you take off your shoes and you take off your bra. Do you feel at home?

Whether it be a roof, a bed, a dog, a kiss, a moment of silence – we’re all looking for something to give us comfort in a place where a simple danke on the train is like a miracle. n a world where we sometimes feel broken or alone; where we go to parties and don’t talk to anyone only to realise later that there’s a running thread through all your stories.
And only then might you realise that it was your pants you wanted to take off and not your bra. We all recognise that yearning feeling inside of us, similar to when we see that last piece of cake on the table, but it runs through our entire body; we want to belong but there’s a missing link that slips through our fingers when we try to grab it.

Sometimes we just have to leave our bags, tie our shoes and run. Because maybe home might even be somewhere we’ve never been before.


Home is where our story begins, and its up to you to see how it ends.

‘He wants to be nothing except what he is. That is home. That is happiness’Hermann Hesse

We are performing at Ambulatorium this time which is centered in the ultra hipster RAW area at Revaler Str. 99


Premier: June 17

Further performances: June 18 & 19 At 8 pm

Ticket prices:

Normal:                         14 €
Reduced:                      10 € (students etc.)
Supporting tickets:  20 + €

ticketreservation: tickets@inka-theatre.com

So our current theme is: HOME
Maybe that sounds pretty broad or random when you think about it and maybe you have some associations coming up immediately. Like pictures or a certain feeling that you connect with home. Where do you feel at home? What makes you feel home? Is it a cozy feeling or does it leave a missing spot, a hole? Did you ever feel at home?Most of us are so fortunate to have a home, many of us might come from broken homes. Most likely most of who read this have not actually LOST their home by war or other catastrophes but then again you might have left your home of origin to come to Berlin. Maybe even from another country. Maybe from another culture….so did you leave your HOME behind?Is home really where the heart is? Is home a physical place? A feeling? If then what? Of belonging? Of feeling safe?  Warm? Comfortable?  Or does it only make you think of how much you actually pay for it to at least have a spot called home nowadays in Berlin? Maybe you share home and your roommates drive you nuts? Or make you feel at home?

Anyways, we have spent half a year exploring that topic and have come up with personal stories, random stories, universal stories, that we want to share with you.

This year we decided to explore the nature of theatre in a different style than we used to. You can be expecting:

  • Sightspecific
  • Being involved
  • Moving around
  • A full on experiential part
  • Personal insights to our private homes
  • Theatrical installation
  • A surprise ending

(no worries: if you really have to you can also be glued to your seat and be left alone in the background – your choice!)

ticketreservation: tickets@inka-theatre.com