The Staged Body – feat. Andrew Clarke


Andrew Clarke is a professional actor and theatre-maker from New Zealand who resecently arrived in Berlin. He worked and trained for several years with New Zealand’s longest running producer of
experimental theatre, The Free Theatre of Christchurch. As part of the ensemble he helped develop several productions and offered
socially-engaged and critical theatre to help rebuild some of the cultural life of Christchurch post-earthquake. From January 10th he will
offer a weekly course in physical theatre entitled »The Staged Body« with INKA-Theatre Berlin.

Claudia Lamas Cornejo: Hey Andrew,
good to meet you again! Let’s talk
about the 10-weeks course you will
offer, starting January 10, The Staged
Body. What will participants gain or
learn in this course?
Andrew Clarke:
A lot of fun, and perhaps some new
outlooks on theatre. The course is
based on the ensemble-training of the
Free Theatre. As exercises, we keep
them quite diverse, so they develop
organically with the ensemble, in response
to the needs of the production
at hand, or the performers. That said,
at ground, they have unity. We want
exercises that help us find a sense of
group presence, as well as physical
presence. We go to the body to find
the life and sense of the work. So, we
act a bit magpie-like and borrow ideas
and exercises from people like Laban,
Boal, Grotowski and Meyerhold. If it
helps, we explore it. We don’t keep
any exercises for an idealogical or theoritical
purity. Better we remain curious,
imaginative, asking questions.
CLC: What is interesting to you about
the methods of Meyerhold for example?
Why did you choose them?
AC: I’d say Meyerhold interests me
because read more