Looking for assistants

WANTED:   Assistant(s)

International People’s Theatre Berlin is a theatre group that forms itself every fall anew. Berlin based people from all over the world are coming together with facilitators and directors Inka-Charlotte Palm and Minna Partanen to create a devised theatre performance and perform it for a Berlin audience.


We are offering two internships as a directors’ assistant & production assistant for the current project and the upcoming production in spring 2016. Assistants works closely with the directors as a part of the production team. Assistant’s tasks vary from taking notes during rehearsal to communicating with the group and assisting in practical tasks. We appreciate experience in devised theatre and interest in learning more about the creative and pedagogical process.




An internship with IPTB is a great opportunity to contribute your skill set to a production. Being part of a larger production team will connect you with your peers. so this position is not paid. We are happy to be able to provide an internship certificate and work experience.


Duration: 6 months, starting from January 2016.

Working hours: Tuesdays at 8-11 pm in Kreuzberg + 2 h independent work

Performances: June 2016

The hours will increase as the performances get closer.

During the last rehearsal week the position will be full-time.


Application deadline: Sat 2.1. 2016 We will interview the applicants in the following 2 weeks. Please contact us at both email addresses inka@inka-theatre.com & minna.j.partanen@gmail.com