Join Our Improvisation Ensemble

Finding our safe place

it is about finding the safety in ourselves. First of all within ourselves. This group is a fertile ground for daring to find it. To be supported and finding it. And realizing that our own development is  supporting the others in finding it at the same time, is the self empowering process that we share with each other. That is the heart of performing: making ourselves vulnerable but being connected. That makes it so OK to be vulnerable, because we are vulnerable together. That is our strength. And in each moment we develop this ability to decide to act. To know what to do. Because it is a natural impulse and to be able to do that that’s what we are training up in this ensemble training.

It is about relaxing into our spine. Leaning in to our own natural ability to already be connected and to know what to do in each moment.

A microcosmos of allowance

We create a micro cosmos together. A Microcosmos of allowance. Allowing ourselves to be who we are and taking the strength out of that.

In this way performing in public spaces is kind of multiplying this strength into the cosmos – it’s contagious. The blessing of art. The blessing of working together with a group that has one aim: to move and act in unison, in connection with each other while bringing out your own personal universal uniqueness J

In my opinion improvising in this way creates a connection to a different reality. Reality that we are always aware of but very often not consciously. The awareness that we’re already connected with everything, that we know everything and that we first of all know what to do. That makes improvising such a joy once we get over the doubts and restrictions our own self blame and doubts give us.

Slomotion walk over a fleamarket

I remember a silent improvisation with my old performance group during my acting school days. We painted our faces white and wore white clothes. All we did was to move across a fleamarket in slow motion. No talking. As a group but spread out all over the place. The slowness allowed us to look the people directly in the eyes, connect. Because we were somehow in a different space, induced by different the tempo. And for some reason this allowed the people we came across to join us in our space of silence and slowness. So they also looked into our eyes – and for that instance of being in the same space together, it created a very intense connection that was of no danger. It was a safe space that we created with our whiteness and our stillness and our slow motionness. So many years later I remember this safe space of connection, these eye contacts that were an allowance space.

Flashmob at the Hauptbahnhof Berlin

I also remember a few years ago a flashmob at the Hauptbahnhof Berlin. All that was given was a time (like 2.13 pm) and a duration (10 or 15  minutes). We were being asked to come and at exactly 2.13 to stop everything we were doing and simply freeze for about ten or 15 minutes. I did not know anyone except for my one friend who came along nor was I aware of how many of us it would be. The moment we all froze at the same time all over the train station was absolutely stunning and I will never forget that.

It created a net of connection among us all over Hauptbahnhof. It was like an invisible net of connected dots and this connection was tangible to everyone. Time froze and the people who still moved between us realized it as well as we flashmobber did. The space we created or maybe simply made palpable is always there. This stillness. This space that becomes real when we succeed to become silent for a moment, to lean back for a moment, to relax fully for a single moment in time. It was like touching the realm that carries everything, penetrates everything whether we decide to be aware of it or not. Beautiful.

I think this is one of my motivations to look forward to being part of this ensemble.

Open to hear your voice

And yet, there might be many other reasons to explore what we can do together, which places we can uncover, which realms we can enter into. I am looking forward to hearing what YOUR ideas are. Because this is what makes it so interesting, to create this ensemble together, to invite you to contribute your reality.

We want this ensemble to be a place where everyone’s voice is welcome to be heard. And to allow everyone to find their own place in their own time. You can come and perform with us, whenever you are ready. No pressure. You can train up with us and not perform for however long you decide to. It is simply a training space and those who are ready to go out, go out. So it is quite an open space we would like to share with you.

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