Becoming a member

To become a member of the IPTB you have to pass an audition and an interview unless you have participated in a theatre workshop with one of the directors or worked with us beforehand The decisions are made by the directors of the IPTB. The plan is to continue to work on one project a year. Members should be able to commit for the whole process of one project

The participation requires a monthly fee. We are also offering reductions for people who cannot afford the lowest monthly fee in exchange for your skills – e.g. film editing, costume design, graphic design or anything that you think might be useful in terms of supporting the project.



The building blocks
of the 8 month-project:

° acting training and ensemble building
° getting familiar with the aesthetics of several devised theatre techniques
° training up devised methods for co-creating scenes and choreographies
° deciding on a theme to explore
° constructing material in form of scenes, movement sequences and pictures on stage
° forming a piece of ensemble theatre and intensive rehearsals
° public performances in a Berlin theatre




Characteristics of our participants

If you are interested in joining the next project of INTERNATIONAL PEOPLE’S THEATRE EBRLIN  we ask of some characteristics that we are fond of:

° Interested in theatre and interested in a group process
° Open to explore and to let the creativity of the moment inspire you
° Open to collaborate with people and respect everybody`s way of expression
° Experimental, curious, ready to contribute your own ideas
° a root talent in acting, expressing yourself
° Welcoming challenges
° Reliable and able to be on time plus being able to attend all rehearsals and weekend rehearsals
° Capable of a disciplined focused working mode
° able to make time for end rehearsals next spring


Rehearsal Dates 2016

As we decidied to take a break this year with the regular project, the course


will serve as this years devised theatre project.

The dates  are as follows:

15 Weekly Tuesday rehearsals from 8  pm – 10.30 pm starting August 23

+ 5 additional rehearsal dates:

  1. Sunday  October 16        10 am – 4 pm
  2. Sunday November 20    10 am – 4 pm
  3. Wednesday November 30    6 – 10 pm
  4. Friday December 2                5 – 10 pm
  5. Saturday December 3        from  2 pm

Monthly Membership Fee August – December 2016

  • regular:    350,- €  monthly rate 70,- €
  • students:  300,- €  monthly rate 60,- €

Early Bird: registration and payment of 50€ participation fee until August 1:

Early Bird price:

  • regular:    310,- €  monthly rate 62,- €
  • students:    270,- €  monthly rate 54,- €

There will be no auditions for this course this year!

For latecomers:

It is possible to start participation in this course until the end of September – contact me about prices in this case, please.