International People’s Theatre

The International People’s Theatre Berlin Project is currently taking a break and we are developing new formats at the moment.

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is a theatre group that forms itself every fall anew. Berlin based people from all over the world are coming together with facilitators and directors Inka-Charlotte Palm and Minna Partanen to create a devised theatre performance and perform it for a Berlin audience. Over a period of 4 years now the project has established itself as a meeting point for young and older theatre enthusiasts with more or less stage experience – but with a sense of stage presence and an openness for artistic collaborative creation and community.

We highly appreciate everyone’s contribution and make sure that everyone is heard and seen throughout the creation of the piece. The gathering of ideas is organized by the directors who structure the lessons and design a concept according to the plan. The directors take responsibility for the whole framework of the actual performance.

One of the main ingredients of the directing concept is to work with relationships. Relating, not only to your scene partners, but also to your environment on stage, your text, your own body, your props, your here-and-now. Another point in our acting concept is to choose roles/parts for the participants according to their own strengths, gifts and talents.

IPTB is an ensemble that aims at creating original theatre pieces based on co-created material. Working methods rely mainly on devising theatre, improvisation, applied theatre and creative writing. We are interested in enhancing the existing skills in the group. The approach is often autobiographical in the sense that it derives from participants’ own experiences.

The topics for performances are decided as a group process through exploring themes from all kinds of creative angles. Devising process benefits from a playful approach, allowing time to experiment with ideas first, rather than being in a hurry to fix scenes and storylines. We encourage the participants to move away from pure naturalism and to think about creating strong visual images through physical theatre.

“Participating in the group makes me so much more focused and aware of the livings around me. It brings me concentration, confidence and most of all, distance in regard to my everyday life and my work. I feel more alive each and every time I participate with the group, it brings sense and order to the world, and feeds my appetite for craziness at the same time.”

“Participating in the International People’s Theatre Project makes me feel more in love with Berlin and its multicultural way of living, I realized that Berlin accepts everything and there is something for everyone. You are never alone.”