Improvise This! with Hila Rubinstein

Hila RubinsteinHila is a professional Israeli actress who lives in Berlin. Since graduating “Sofi Moscowiz School of Performing Arts” in Tel Aviv in
2009, she took part in different theater and Improv projects in Israel and Berlin, such as “Jerusalem Improv Championship” (2010) and “Comedy Sports Berlin” (2014-2015).
Aside from Improv, Hila was a theater instructor of teenagers groups, and facilitated a theater group of people with disabilities.

Claudia Lamas Cornejo: Improvise
This! – What will participants do or
learn in this course?

Hila Rubenstein: The upcoming
course in January is a beginners
course, for people who have heard
about Improv and feel that they
would like to try it themselves. In this
8 session course I will try to give the
participants a taste of different tools,
which will help us train this muscle
called »Improv«.
The work is organized into 3 circles:
* Myself and I: how to listen to myself
and to trust myself.
* My partner and I: how to listen and
react to my partner.
* My group and I: how to listen to
what the scene needs.
If the group is interested, there is also
be the option of a small presentation
at the end of the course, which I highly
recommend. That´s a 4th circle –
The audience and I. read more