Gratitude for my work


Today I held a workshop for 13 Danish teenagers. In the end 3 of them came to me and gave an extra thanks, telling me that this was probably the best workshop they ever had. “And you want to know why?” they asked. “Because we did not have to talk so much but it was so much movement and you let us decide what we actually wanted to do and gave us tools to create our own thing. It was so much fun!” Then they added: “We were actually a bit afraid how it was gonna be, because we didn’t know you and had no idea what we were getting into. And it was in English and all.”

I was so touched that I admitted that I am also always quite nervous before a workshop like this where I don’t know what to expect and whom to expect. 13 teenagers age 15-16 can mean all kind of things. Especially when you invite them to move their bodies and show themselves in front of others. They can be either completely shy or hide the shyness by being really loud and obnoxious.

I am always so grateful when there is an openness and a good understanding.


I had this other group of students form Manchester a few days earlier who had to come and work in a park with me, because I did not have a space for them due to such a short noticed booking. They were so open and willing to do anything I offered to them. We had so much fun in the park and they invited the people who stopped and took videos of us being crazy in the open space. I am really grateful for this opportunity to work with young people from all over the world.