FREE Theatre Try Out Day on 13th March

unfortunately you missed it :-(

But you still have a chance to TRY OUT our new acting courses starting on March 20

Scene Study Course – for experienced players


STAGE ENCOUNTERS – as your first or second steps in Acting



“Playful course in the dramatic arts with Inka has been one of the greatest experiences in my life.” Pinar

Hi, my name is Inka and I help people to relax, connect and have fun through theatre.


I believe theatre can change people’s lives and I see it’s magical effect on people every day in front of my own eyes.


Theatre can help you:


– Forget about the world for a moment and completely relax

– Connect with people in a playful, effortless and natural way

– Build fantastic friendships

– Feel accepted in all your weirdness

– Have a ridiculous amount of fun 🙂


Here is what participants say about it:


Honestly, thank you for your patience and for being such a warm and welcoming presence. I really enjoyed the course. You teach more than theatre, you bring out the best in people.

– Eliana

hey Inka

did I ever tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me? as an artist and as a person…as both really, you are a tremenuous inspiration and have been since I met you. LOVE!

– Laura, Romania


Dear Inka,

today I’ve done my first class of theater here in Florence and my heart and mind flew to you, your energy, your passion, your words.

In three years you have given me so much – not explainable in words, maybe just by a gaze and a hug – and I want to let you know.

(…) our meetings were the really (…)  good thing I had there, keeping me alive. This I will never forget.

I hope to see you soon,

Big big hug Inka,

Andrea, from Italy


For myself and other people on the course, I saw shifts in levels of shyness, hesitation, body-language, trust, connection, intuition, communication, confidence, and the wonderful quality of playfulness.  What I had always suspected about acting turned out to be true; it can cause real change.’

Fionnuala Devlin, Songwriter

Sign up for the FREE try out day on the 13th March, 7-9 pm.


– All classes are held in English

– No prior experience needed

– For beginners and advanced students alike

– Adress: Atelier für physisches Theater: Urbanstraße 116, Berlin, Deutschland


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