Welcome to a weekly creative space that invites you to move, to shine, and explore the wonderful ability of movement, play and connection.
In each session we will explore another aspect of movement, putting emphasis on body work, movement in space, movement and music, creative meditation in movement and improvisation.

We will play together, get inspired by others and by our own ability and imagination.
We will explore and have fun using different methods related to body work.


Who is this course designed for

Everyone who enjoys exploring movement, play, bodywork or self expression – it is completely irrelevant if you are an advanced student of dance or acting or if you are just looking for a fun outlet of energy after work, if you feel like you want to air your headspace from thinking too much, get closer to your own body expression or if you want to meet likeminded people – the lessons are designed so that you find your own freedom in creating your own experience in connection with the whole group. The facilitators are very experienced to lead and guide a mixed group of people to find their own place of innate peace and joy.

Experience the joy of letting go in a supportive and creative environment.


 The first 6 sessions

  • April 10: Bodyparts – Hila
  • April 17: Express your authentic playful self – Inka
  • April 24: Improvisation inspired by music – Hila
  • May 8: Ensemble Improvisation/group dynamics – Inka
  • May 15: Exploring space & Relating with movement, voice and text – inspired by action theatre – Hila
  • May 22: Basic movement – meditation in movement – listen to and follow your impulses – alone and as a group – Inka


We, Inka and Hila, are both trained actresses with an emphasis on physical theatre whose passion is movement and play in various ways. The connection and liveliness that is provided by playing with movement in a space with other people is simply unsurpassed. Our passion is catching and we create a very safe and fun space to play and connect.

Our inspirations & trainings are

space work and performance,  all kinds of dance trainings, physical theater, Action Theater, contact improvisation, energy levels a Leqoc,  authentic movement – basic movement, 5 rhythms movement, meditation in movement, view point work, masks and more…

Familienzentrum Mehringdamm:
Familienzentrum Mehringdamm, Mehringdamm, Berlin, Deutschland

Fee: 10€

please contact inka@inka-theatre.com or +49 178 1864042


Weekly Training for Movement Improvisation and Play

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