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photos: Francesca Magini


5 days of acting, moving, playing and performing

We will dive into intensive body work, personal encounters, creation of original material – using physical theatre methods. You will create with others in an encouraging and playful environment.

  • connecting to ourseves, the space and the others
  • enhancing our awareness
  • movement & improvisation
  • enhancing our stage presence

  • using play as a means to spontaneous being in the moment

These playful approaches of dramatic improvisation create a depth of human encounter that we all long for as human beings in our daily lives. It is the creative base to act : the ground for real creative freedom – not only on stage.

No matter if you have done a lot of theatre work before or just want to try out your first steps, this workshop picks you up exactly where you are at and gives you a platform for your own creative and human strengths, gifts and talents.

We will work with a variety of methods to get to know each other and create scenes from exercises that surf between physical theatre methods and themes that are present in our own life at the moment.

We will explore our bodies in connection with nature (there is a beautiful park next to the workshop space) and let those relaxation and body awareness exercises fuel our creative content.

We shall experiment with creative writing, partner exercises, creating material alone and together in small groups or with the whole group with clear guidelines given from the workshop leader.

Sometimes you don’t even realize you are creating scenes when suddenly they appear from within the games and exercises.

We will focus a lot on ensemble work and connecting with our instinctive natural way of being and connecting. Then use this for our creations on stage – alone and together.

‘The acting courses I did with Inka were on one level what I expected them to be; creative and a lot of fun. But because she is such a gifted and experienced teacher, during the classes she also guided us away from staying only on the surface of a situation and began to show us the depths that acting can reach to. This was the element I hadn’t expected; the transformational nature of the work. For myself and other people on the course, I saw shifts in levels of shyness, hesitation, body-language, trust, connection, intuition, communication, confidence, and the wonderful quality of playfulness.  What I had always suspected about acting turned out to be true; it can cause real change.’                                                                                              Fionnuala Devlin, Songwriter

You have the possibility to book the whole 5 day worshop (August 11-15) or only the Saturday & Sunday (August 11 & 12)


Academy times

Mornings: 10 am – 12.30 pm

Afternoons: 2 pm – 4.30 pm

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Academy fee

5 day workshop:   Regular 250€ / reduced 200€

only weekend:    Regular 125€ / reduced 100




Fee: €

max. participants: 14
please contact or +49 178 1864042


Summer Academy 2018

Application Form For Summer Academy

apply for the Summer Academy 2018 August 11 - August 15
    Choose your payment options to register.

Familienzentrum Mehringdamm:
Familienzentrum Mehringdamm, Mehringdamm, Berlin, Deutschland