we shall start our first Sunday with the exciting topic of


every day we meet people. We discuss, perform some small talk, talk about our every day life experiences, give a talk. In each of these situations we act from certain behavior or though patterns based on our roles as boss, friend, daughter, father, intern. How do those roles influence our ways of communicating? Are we aware of that those roles we take on develop their own lives and we simply subconsciously follow their lead? In this workshop we play around with roles and the different status coming along with them.


Low or high status exercises enable participants to transform themselves within a few seconds. From rags to riches – from wallflower to vamp? No problem! The course teaches what is status, how it is formed and how playful you can use it. An exciting surprise journey to a wide variety of Homo sapiens and ultimately to ourselves. Its time to break free!

Familienzentrum Mehringdamm 114 - gym:
Mehringdamm 114, Berlin, Deutschland

Fee: sliding scale 25€ - 35€ (you choose)

max. participants: 12
please contact inka@inka-theatre.com or 01781864042



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