Step into the power of your own expression.


Empowerment through playful collaboration

This course invites you to try out your own expressive self. Be it voice, acting, movement….

It is also suitable as preparation for the CREATING PERFORMANCE and the STAGE ENCOUNTERS.

We will dive into the basics of stage work, playful encounters, creating of material and most of all how to build a connection to yourself, the space and the others in a playful and joyful way.

No matter if you have done theatre work before or just want to try out your first steps, if you want to stay in touch with yourself, your expression, your body and mind connection, come and have a try.

You can book the course fully or drop in – everyone is welcome – regardless of your acting experience.


5er pass: 60 €

Playful course in the dramatic arts with Inka has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. I had only brief experience of acting and yet I felt myself very comfortable in the group and overall it was a great introduction to the stage. We had the joy playing, improvising, acting, using our voices in different ways, creating moves that we haven’t created before. Also I found the course as a great self-development experience where you forgot about the world while playing with others. Just try it once, you will not want to give up again:)


Atelier für physisches Theater:
Urbanstraße 116, Berlin, Deutschland

Fee: €

max. participants: 15
please contact or 01781864042


Playful Course in the Dramatic Arts