For everyone who’s curious to see what improv is all about, and for beginners who want to get better !


“I’m really enjoying the course! I see a huuuuuuuge progress since I’ve started and the kick of positive energy on our evenings is incredible. Favorite time of my week! I am absolutely in for continuing another course!”Marcin Fabianczyk



“Improvise This! Ground your basics” is a 10-session course that provides an introduction to basic improv tools to get you started, and an exploration of those tools. This approach allows both complete beginners and advanced beginners to work together in the same class, not only learning from the instructor, but also supporting each other.
What are the basic fundamentals of improv? What do I need in order to improvise? What does my partner need from me? What does the scene need from us?
Including a musical-impro session, accompanied with a musician


Let’s play and find out.
Join us in a place where you only have to listen, take care of your partner and celebrate our failures.
During the last session the class may choose to have a presentation in front of an invited audience.

Warning! Improv can get addictive!*

Minimum participants: 8
Maximum participants: 14


Course  April 12 – June 21 – no class on May 10 (total of 10 Sessions) 18:00-19:45

Try-out Classes
On April 12 2018 we’ll get together and jam! Through improv games and some ice-breaking exercises we’ll all get the chance to get to know each other, no strings attached. Please let us know if you are coming via email



  • Try-out class –
    10€ cash per class. Try out class fee will be included into the course fee in case you enroll!
  • Course –
    160€/135€ (reduced)
  • EARLY BIRD (payment until March 12 2018)
    145€/120€ (reduced)

For any further questions please contact me:

I have researched for an englisch acting course for a long time and I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the course, and frankly I was a little scared. But fortunately Hila was an amazing instructor and it was excatly what I was looking for, a course that was both educational and fun. I would really like to come to Inka-Theater more often and take classes from her in the future. Overall, I am definitly pleased and content. Hope to see you again in an another course.



Hila Rubinstein

Hila Rubinstein

Hila is a professional Israeli actress who lives in Berlin. Since graduating “Sofi Moscowiz School of Performing Arts” in Tel Aviv in 2009, she took part in different theater and Improv projects in Israel and Berlin, such as “Jerusalem Improv Championship” (2010) and “Comedy Sports Berlin” (2014-2015).
Aside from improv courses at INKA-Theater, Hila  also offers Team-Building Workshops, on the subject of “Impro in business”, she is a part of a content-development group for TV, film and web-series, and is also a medical-clown.
All about Hila in

Read an interview with Hila about this course.








Europäisches Theaterinstitut e.V.:
Rungestraße 20, Berlin, Deutschland

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max. participants: 14
please contact or +49 157-58518428


Improvise This! – Ground Your Basics


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