I have researched for an englisch acting course for a long time and I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the course, and frankly I was a little scared. But fortunately Hila was an amazing instructor and it was excatly what I was looking for, a course that was both educational and fun. I would really like to come to Inka-Theater more often and take classes from her in the future. Overall, I am definitly pleased and content. Hope to see you again in an another course.


The participation requires an experience of at least one impro course


 Improvise this! Volume II

After we finished the journey through the many sights of basic impro, we now dive into the depths of what we have learned. Our bags are packed with tools, and now we practice using them. If you are curious and have a bag of your own filled with basic impro tools, you are more than welcome to take the next step with us for another 10 sessions taught in English. 



  Improvise this! step II
In “Improvise This! Continues!” we’ll try and figure out what is a story, and what can help us tell it in an interesting, communicative and performative way. We’ll explore the dynamics between two partners (give and take, listening), inside a group (ensemble work) and last but not least between me and myself (letting go and trust myself). The course includes two musical-impro session, accompanied with a musician!
  • Try-out class 12.04.18–
    10€ cash per class. Try out class fee will be included into the course fee in case you enroll!
  • Course –
    180€/155€ (reduced)
  • EARLY BIRD (payment until March 12th 2018)
    165€/140€ (reduced)

with questions about the content of the course, please email Hila.

attention: no course on May 10th

Europäisches Theaterinstitut e.V.:
Rungestraße 20, Berlin, Deutschland

Fee: €

max. participants: 12
please contact hila@inka-theatre.com or +49 157 58518428


Improvise This! continues

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