photos: Francesca Magini

this weekend’s theme:


 PRESENCE – shine on stage and in your life!


Welcome to weekend of relaxation, fun, empowerment – where you can let loose and regain some connection with yourself and others.

“I believed I was uncreative. What else can be creativity besides dancing and painting and how to find out what my creativity is? “Creativity has nothing to do with any activity in particular – with painting, poetry, dancing, singing. It has nothing to do with anything in particular. “Anything can be creative – you bring that quality to the activity. Activity itself is neither creative nor uncreative. You can paint in an uncreative way. You can sing in an uncreative way. You can clean the floor in a creative way. You can cook in a creative way. “Creativity is the quality that you bring to the activity you are doing. It is an attitude, an inner approach – how you look at things.” Osho

We have a closer look what creativity is in our own lives, our ideas about it and how it might be prevented to have its best circumstances to live freely and effortlessly to support us in our every day decision making. But most of all we will PLAY! DANCE! Be WILD & FREE! And a bit crazy 🙂

And then we dive a bit deeper: We all come with topics from our everyday life. We bring our strengths and our innate personal talents that we very often forget to connect with along the way.

Through showing and contributing our strengths into the group, they reflect back on ourselves through the other members of the group and we can look at them from a fresh and new perspective.

To refine our strengths and the obstacles that come along with them, has a very empowering effect. Practicing with different theatrical techniques supports us to let our own presence, on stage and in life, shine.

We will use our training as a ground for more relaxation and connection – on and off stage. From this relaxed point of view a great openness emerges and everything is possible. Pure relating is what we all long for and everyone of us has an instinctive recognition for what is real – in life and on stage.

These playful approaches of dramatic improvisation create a depth of human encounter that we all long for as human beings in our daily lives. It is the creative base to act – grounded in what is and with a great joy to explore: the ground for real creative freedom – not only on stage.

We will not only play with physical theatre methods, but also use some of our own themes, that are cooking in our lives right now to have a look at and bring them into contact and on stage. Let’s be gentle with ourselves and maybe even laugh at our afflictions.

As an optional plus, Yoga coach Claudia Lamas offers you to link the creative process of acting with a dynamic yoga class in the morning – one hour before the workshop time.


Theatre Workshop times:
Friday, May 11th , 6 –9 pm
Saturday, October 12th, 11 am –5 pm  with 1,5 h break
Sunday, October 12th, 11 am–4 pm


Included in the package:

14 hours of theatre workshop
2 hourse of morning yoga
Certificate of attendance
deep relaxation combined with  joyful encounters



Price: 200€ / 150€ (reduced for students or low income)

Early Bird Price until April 11  – 160€ / 120€ (arrival of workshop fee on bank account)

Optional Yoga Warm Up
Saturday, 10–10.45 am
Sunday, 10-10.45 am

Linking the creative process of acting and theater exercises with yoga means using the high level of attention that is promoted and activated by yoga asanas for your own playing. The special method of the Iyengar Yoga with its concentrated and vigorous dynamics in taking postures and leaving them again, creates a physical as well as mental relaxaion and is therevore particularly suitable for this. Claudia Lamas’ optional morning yoga practice will support developing the mindfulness for your own body. We will gain the necessary distance for our theatre practice from the sometimes never-ending stream of thoughts, which determines our everyday life.

‘The acting courses I did with Inka were on one level what I expected them to be; creative and a lot of fun. But because she is such a gifted and experienced teacher, during the classes she also guided us away from staying only on the surface of a situation and began to show us the depths that acting can reach to. This was the element I hadn’t expected; the transformational nature of the work. For myself and other people on the course, I saw shifts in levels of shyness, hesitation, body-language, trust, connection, intuition, communication, confidence, and the wonderful quality of playfulness.  What I had always suspected about acting turned out to be true; it can cause real change.’                                                                                              Fionnuala Devlin, Songwriter

Atelier für physisches Theater:
Urbanstraße 116, Berlin, Deutschland

Fee: €

max. participants: 12
please contact or +49 1781864042


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