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Creating Performance – acting classes – devising theatre – creating performance

This course is open for people who already have a foundation in stage work and are open to create their own content.

acting classes devising theatre creating performance

In this course we are creating original material based on our own life stories, experience, interests…. In the beginning we choose a theme that move us, that’s cooking in our lives, something we all can relate to, something elementary…. and then we work on it to bring it to live and on stage together in the end. Pure and simple. In front of an audience. In addition we look around in art what inspires us regarding the theme – an excerpt of a scene, a prop. a painting, a picture – anything that comes our way……

We are aiming for a performance of about 50-90 minutes, that is an ensemble piece. With everyone as a “star” using your bodies and voices to create place or mood rather than elaborate sets. The piece is devised through scenes shaped in small groups of 3-5 people, but also with some scenes developed by the whole group.

We will improvise material which we then hone down and develop, bearing in mind the questions of audience and content, and we feedback on each other’s work. The flexibility of the “empty space” coupled with the rich input of the participants’ research and personel experiences, creates an exciting piece of theatre that informs and entertains its audience.

Improvisation, imagination and working together are human skills that we shall all need in abundance. They are also skills that lie in the heart of creative drama and community theatre.


Course Dates:

Every Wednesday evening from
October 3 – December 5 from 8 pm –
Wednesday, December from 6-10 pm

Additional Rehearsals:

  • one weekend December 1 & 2
  • Sunday December 9    2-7 pm
  • Wednesday December 12 from 6 pm
  • Friday December 14 from 2 pm (if possible)


Saturday December 15 & Sunday December 16

the course entails 60 hours of training & rehearsals


350€/300€ reduced (students/low income)

EARLY BIRD PRIZE: if you register and pay 100€ of the course fee (bank account receipt!) until September 1 2018: 320€/280€

if you have problems to pay the course fee all at once, we can find a monthly payment plan together)

photos from our lat Creating Performance Course in December 2016: “Of Ducks And Damage


We will work with improvising, Playbacktheatre methods, maybe creative scene writing, story telling, creating choreographies and how to bring these little scenes on stage together to tell our own story.

The first  weeks you get introduced to a new method every week and in the last  weeks we will put the results together, create a performance and put it on stage. In the beginning of  the course we will find a connecting theme like being an expat in Berlin, hope and fears, money, shame, the perfect life, our worst nightmares coming true….I am just making it up as I go, I am sure you will have loads of ideas yourself.

You will get some technical acting know how, dive into group work and the pleasure of showing your own material to an audience.

Fee: sliding scale 300€ - 350€ (you choose)

max. participants: 12
please contact or 01781864042


Creating Performance!

Application Form For Creating Performance!

    Choose your payment options to register.

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