INKA Theatre ALUMNI Theatre Day- to play, to reconnect AND  to take fotos and film it

anyone who has ever taken part in any of my courses is very much invited to join us for an intensive theatrical day of play and improvisation – we will film the whole day and take pictures to create material for an advertising film  to show insights of INKA-Theatre work.

You must be fine with appearing on any social media platforms and publicly on film and foto

If you want to be part of the creative behind the scenes crew (take pictures, lights, film, record….) please contact me – thank you so much <3

We will work a few hours, have a pot luck inbetween and share old stories and laughter, get to know other participants that might have not been in your particular group and network and connect


Familienzentrum Mehringdamm:
Familienzentrum Mehringdamm 114, Berlin, Deutschland

Fee: sliding scale 5€ - 10€ (you choose)

max. participants: 20
please contact or 01781864042


INKA Theatre ALUMNI Meeting

Application Form For SUNDAY PLAY DAY - Alumni Day

apllication if you have ever taken an INKA-Theatre Acting course of any form and you agree with being filmed and photographed and published
  • Are you aware that I will be filmed and photographed and might appear publicly in film or photos on the website, social media and in general advertisement? And do youagree to that?
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