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If you have already explored your physical body, movement and encounter on stage, then this course can be the next step about creating characters and combining it with a script!

How can I embody a character who apparently has nothing to do with me, but draw from my own being? How can I build on my organic feeling and acting?

In various exercises we will research, experiment with and expand our boundaries – physical, emotional and technical.

You and your scene partner(s) go on a journey to explore all the details of your characters, your relationship with each other, the space, the time and the story that is happening between you and around you.

Diffferent approaches regarding character work flow together in the workshop and give each participant the opportunity to find out what works best for them.
The scenes worked on will then be performed in the APT  at the end of the workshop in front of an invited audience.

Next to scene analysis and feedback for your acting and creating we will do acting exercises that help you develop your technique to

Build and maintain relationship on stage:

  • * Increase our ability to perceive and communicate with the partner (facial expressions, gestures, speech, body language/ intuitive partner work)
  • * re-learn how to actively listen
  • * increase personal physical energy on stage
  • * playing in the here and now
  • * presence on stage
  • * connect with the space and quickly perceive what is happening in the space and react accordingly
  • * enliven our sensingand feeling
  • * explore the different levels of energy and how to apply that found physicality to your chosen character


13 weeks + one weekend rehearsal = 36 hours

Scene study is a technique used to teach acting where one or more actors perform a dramatic scene and are then offered feedback from the teacher, classmates, or each other. Its foundation is in the performance of a “scene” or a segment of a play.

“Even though I didn’t know what was expected in terms of my acting skills or if the course was about acting at all, it has been a delight to discover that the guidance has been personalized at individual level. The course is an experience in itself, completely social, summing not only acting directions, but also personal growth and interpersonal interaction. I feel much richer, I have learned a lot about acting – myself alone and in connection to others – and also built a few strong friendships.”  Laura Stefanescu

“I just wanted to thank you once more for the course. It has been an
incredibly important and enjoyable growth experience. It was my first
theater course, it was a bit of a jump in the dark for me and I didn’t
know what to expect, but I’m very glad I did it.
I will be back! :)”

“…I was given the opportunity to:
– pursue an activity for which I am passionate about;
– explore comedy, or the risky business of attempting to make people laugh;
-improve or at least be made aware of shortcomings that might need improvement under the critical,
competent eye of just as passionate a professional;
– and have fun doing it!
But none the least I am truly grateful for having been able to share these great moments with such a wonderful group of people.”

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the last course, I enjoyed it and I learned lots. And when I watch a film / play now I find myself appreciating the actors in quite a different way.”


note 1: this course is for people with some previous acting experience –  (for example: Stage Encounters)

note 2: there will be no course on May 1 2019


Performance Date: either we find an external performance space together on the weekend of June 22 & 23 2019 OR we perform at the studio on Wednesday June 19

Extra rehearsal dates: March 23 & 24 – this is to spend an extra time with chooseing scenes and scene partners – so it is essential for the participation!

350 € regular/ 300 € students


Fee: 350€

max. participants: 10
please contact or 01781864042


Acting Course – Scene Studies

Application Form For Scene Study Acting Course

    Choose your payment options to register.

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