boredom, play and openness – or the reason why I became an “acting” trainer

boredom, play and openness….

So last night we played again.

It sounds so childlike and harmless – which it is of course. But there is so much more. We ended the lesson with questions about if life itself isn’t just a game and how our lives are all about avoiding boredom – those beautiful little moments of nothingness, that we dread so much, that space where seeds are allowed to settle into the ground, lay low, rest in their natural state to start growing their little roots and from then everything they are to become the plant they are already anyways.

That moment of boredom where we start to come up with ideas – our soil to play. These Tuesday classes have surely become my favorite time of the week – because we never know what will happen – because we allow ourselves and everyone who comes to explore and to create the space and the time together. To feel into our bodies, to try out movements, behaviors we usually do not pay attention to because life seems to be so busy.

No matter what we do, we tend to also get really active in class, but it always has this playful nature of doing things, this openness, this curiosity of an open outcome and with this the pure deep relaxation of being alive. Where it doesn’t matter so much what is weighing us down at the moment or what bills we have to pay the next day. Because in these moments if feels like this is what life is supposed to be like. Pure. Simple. Connected. Playful. Adventurous. Open.

For me these Tuesday evenings are a reminder of why I actually am an “acting teacher”, a facilitator for spaces where this kind of creativity can flower. It is not about doing anything right – it is about deeply connecting with our source of creation – a creation that first of all does not have a means to an end, but is to let life flow freely and see what comes out of it.

An open space of freedom – an invitation – and sure yes, it may be a little frightening to step into this space – what to do with ourselves if we give up all our concepts of who we are and no one tells us what to do – but we find it out in our own way. Sure – can be frightening as hell actually.

But this is exactly why we share this space – with so much connection and love – because we are allowed to struggle or flourish or play or not do anything at all. Feel everything that comes up and maybe even use those sensations for our contribution to the shared space.

We can only be free to move in any moment when we leave our conceptual frameworks behind and step into the open space of not knowing everything already. We offer a laboratory for it.

This is an open invitation to try it out. Tuesdays. 8 pm. In Kreuzberg. Everyone is warmly welcome.

Weekly Training for Movement Improvisation and Play -Drop In

open hands ready for play and creation