Stephanie Illouz (Israel),

Thank you so much for jumping up, grabbing the camera of Anshu and shooting awyay our performances of IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! The pics are incredible and I am so grateful for your spontaneous act of creativity & wisdom throughout the whole show

The artist

Elise Scheider (France)

made us a beautiful postcard for IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU

these are some of her pics I used in this website:

 Stephen Mooney (UK)

We mostly worked together in educational projects in collaboration with the English Theatre Berlin – International Performing Arts Center and Berliner Projektfond Kulturelle Bildung .

Thomas Farr (USA)

Some pictures for  ACILE IN WNOEDRLNAD and Family Skeletons were made by him, who also was a vital part of the ensemble for a while.

Thank you for your generous offer of your artistic skills in so many different ways. Here are some of the pics he contributed:


thanks so much for sharing your photography skills with us for free for the photoshoot of the incredible costumes designed by Matthew Peach.

and here are some pics from

Olga Michel (Mexico)

who also shot and edited the film of the performance of Family Skeletons or when I stole my sister’s piece of bacon.

Laurence Currie Clark

took pictures  in exchange for taking participating in the PLAYFUL COURSE IN THE DRAMATIC ARTS I


In case you find a picture you made on this website without me giving you credit for it, please let me know and I will correct it asap!