INKA-Theatre is an Acting School offering ACTING Classes, Workshops and Theatre Performances for everyone in English.


We offer a space for you to be yourself,
connect with others and play together!

To unfold your innate natural potential to shine!

On and off stage!











INKA-Theatre Improvisation Ensemble

A great place to discover yourself. Interact with different people, play and feel the peace within acting and performing.

Ala Andriuta


are designed for everyone to find the right amount of challenge and fun.


Apart from playing and exploring acting, being, listening you will be developing self awareness & physical awareness and learn how to vitalize the space with your presence.

Our courses are visited by people from all over the world with all kinds of acting background. You will not only find excellent and caring teaching but also a great group of people to play with.

You might find that you not only carry the new skills from stage into your daily life but also some of the people you meet here….read more



Playful course in the dramatic arts with Inka has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. I had only brief experience of acting and yet I felt myself very comfortable in the group and overall it was a great introduction to the stage. We had the joy playing, improvising, acting, using our voices in different ways, creating moves that we haven’t created before. Also I found the course as a great self-development experience where you forgot about the world while playing with others. Just try it once, you will not want to give up again:)






Theater Workshops for YOUR group


book us on site IN BERLIN or we come to your hometown/workplace/university/school/…)

What we offer:

Play and Act – enjoy two hours of theatrical games and laughter, cooperation, play and dramatic fun – we bring a range of theatre games and exercises and decide on site which ones are best for your group

Relax, Move and Play – this workshop has a physical movement focus. Other than in usual sports or yoga classes, we do not tell you what to do – instead we offer you a wide range of playful exercises, where we give a framework that you fill with your own content – that makes your bodies move, meet, dance, play and/or perform. The offered space is more creative and you decide how you want to use your body, how much encounter you want to get into and how intensive the workout effect will be for you.

Physical Theatre Workshop – the basics of a physical approach to create a character on stage and have a mini-performance at the end

Creative Drama Workshop Want your students to design a mini choreography in two hours? Enable them to chose from theatrical elements and tools themselves and develop an eye for what works on stage with an ensemble and why – this is the format for you. We work with the empowering concept of the theatrical keyboard from Maike Plath.


Teambuilding workshops – you want to enhance the cooperation and communication in your group? Maybe your students don’t know each other yet for so long or are caught in the ever lingering roles within the group? You want to loosen that up and enhance the feeling of belonging in the group?
Let’s have a session of group play and fun, improvise together, laugh together and see each other in a new light.

Empowerment Workshops – this format needs at least one day of your time (it can also be longer, for example a weekend) – we decide on a theme together and play with that concept in many different ways – depending on the length of the workshop, it varies how deep we can dive into the material)

Themes we played with so far:

  • Presence
  • Teambuilding
  • Empowerment
  • Creativity
  • Conflict management
  • Your strengths gifts and talents – what do I like to do and what am I good at?
  • Leadership

Private Coaching

no matter if you want to work on your presence, ability to speak in front of groups, or if you are preparing a piece

  • of text
  • A monologue
  • A scene with more than one person
  • A song
  • A choreography

And need some coaching/directing/feedbacking/help?

Contact me: inka@)inka-theatre.com